Teen power

I am sitting up in bed nursing a hangover from last night’s work drinks and listening to Lorde’s extraordinary new album (Melodrama). You can read a review here or just jump over to Spotify. It makes me even more excited that I’m going to the Lorde concert in the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House later this year.

It amazes me that she’s only 20 now and was 16 when her first album (Pure Heroine) was released. She’s such a talented songwriter and singer. There’s an ┬áinterview with her in the paper today.

But of course teenagers are capable of amazing things. That’s something adults sometimes forget, but it’s every young-adult writer needs to remember. Never underestimate.

Lorde performing in 2013. Creative Commons via Flickr.


The story of my life (not my life story)

Credit: Ivo Kendra (Creative Commons).

This is what happens: I start a project and then get slammed with life, blink, and it’s a month or two later and the project has fallen by the wayside. Every. Damn. Time.

Since my last post, Fairfax journos went out on strike for a week to protest mass redundancies, we’ve gone back to work and people have started leaving. There are huge numbers going, but at least they got there with voluntary redundancies and didn’t have to go to forced. That’s been rather … distracting.

I’ve also had to deal with some family and health matters. Oh and I had a birthday and celebrated with going out for bowling and karaoke. Among other things, I sang “Black Hole Sun” in tribute to the late, great Chris Cornell of Soundgarden.

Chris Cornell performing in 2007.

On the writing front, I have finished an article for Good Weekend that has been taking up a lot of mental space. There’s been a change in editor in the mean time. The old editor says I did a “marvellous job” so fingers crossed that the new editor likes it too.

I’ve also been doing a lot of reading particularly in young adult fantasy, the genre I’m writing in. I would like to share that with you soon.