Weekly update (April 22-28)

I’m planning to make a weekly post to update you on the week that was and the week ahead, with a focus on writing. I hope this will keep me focused and accountable.

My writing this week:

What I learned:

  • Writing the column about deliberate rest has made me think a lot about how to incorporate writing into my routine, but also making time for the activities that recharge me. It’s beyond sleep and exercise – I need walks where I can let my mind wander, time in nature, and deep play. I’m going to think about my schedule more deeply over the weekend.
View of Sydney Harbour and North Head from the Spit to Manly bushwalk.
  • My deliberate rest this week included a singing lesson, bushwalking with my family, a workout at the gym, singing in the Welcome Choir, and seeing a play at Belvoir St Theatre. Also generally better discipline about going to bed on time – the previous week I had been gorging myself on a TV series, but that’s over now.

My focus next week:

  • Working on a podcast pilot at work.
  • Writing the final draft (hopefully) of a feature for Good Weekend.
  • My Mind Over Money column.
  • Getting up and 6am every day and doing free writing and exercises themed on my novel to get myself immersed in the world and the characters.
  • Taking my broken computer with the draft of my novel to see if the data can be retrieved. I do have backups but I think they’re old.
The box office at Belvoir St Theatre. The bubbles and the duck lamp featured in the play.

My treat for you:

Word of the day:

  • Smoothole: A gap designed in a drystone wall to allow free passage of some creatures (eg. hares) and not others (eg. sheep). (Credit: @RobGMacfarlane on Twitter).

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